About Us

Barito Spirit

Our Barito Spirit is an operating philosophy that guides how we work. Unique to us, it articulates our fundamental strengths and how we create value for our businesses and communities. It should never be compromised.

  1. We mobilize capital, talent, and ideas across the Group. One Barito, stronger together.
  2. We are prudent and disciplined financial managers. Strong corporate governance is the backbone of our businesses.
  3. We take a long-term view of our commitments, regardless of short-term market volatility. Sustainable long-term value creation strategies to build intrinsic value.
  4. We connect and empower people and partners to achieve full potential. Leadership is about enabling the full potential in others.
  5. We create impact beyond financial returns for the companies in which we invest and communities in which we operate

The positive impact is how we measure our successes