Barito Pacific Group Through Bakti Barito Foundation Donated 1.000 Tons of Rice to Central Java


Jakarta, 19 August 2021Barito Pacific Group through Bakti Barito foundation with the suppport of FKS Food as supplier partner donated 1.000 tons of rice to communities directly affected by the emergency PPKM, especially daily workers and those working in the informal sector. FKS Food also donated a number of rice noodles and flour to increase the fulfillment of the community's food needs.

This assistance is distributed in stages through the 4th Regional Military Command (Kodam IV) Diponegoro, a Regional Defense Command for Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta.

We sincerely hope this contribution will be able to ease the burden of the community affected by the emergency PPKM. Let us all be kind and helpful to one another and together we can overcome this Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bakti Barito is a foundation for better. Because when Indonesia thrives, we do too.

The Bakti Barito Foundation serves as our platform for sustainability initiatives. Its focus areas are revitalizing the environment, broadening access to education, and uplifting lives and livelihoods. The foundation runs focused initiatives across four positive impact pillars: Environment, Economy, Society, and Education. 

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